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AMMO-NO is designed specially for the control of ammonia and other toxic gases and their odorous reaction in aqua culture ponds. It is a combination of Yucca schidigera and beneficialbacteria and their fermentation extracts.

The sarsaponin of Yucca accelerates the breakdown of organic waste by directly influencing the development of bacteria that are vital to the waste disposal.

Composition :

Yucca schidigera and Bacillus sps. & Lactobacillus sps. fermentation extracts


  • Reduces or eliminates toxic ammonia, nitrites, H2S and other noxious gases.
  • Inhibits enzyme urease and prevents formation of ammonia in the pond.
  • Detoxifies pond water.
  • Controls pollution of soil & water thus reduces frequent water changes.
  • Helps to convert nitrogenous waste for development of beneficial plankton.
  • Acts as a total pond quality regulator, and maintains healthy environment.
  • Reduces mortality rate and increases survival and FCR.
  • Increases activeness and feed intake of aquatic animals.

Dosage :

Prevention : 300gm per acre once in a week

Treatment : 300gm per acre for consecutive days

Mode of Application : Mix the required quantity of Ammo -No with zeolite or sand and spread over the pond