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Robust PS

Robust-PS is unique combination of aerobic, microaerophilic and anaerobic microorganisms to maintain pond in an nvironmentally balanced condition. The aerobic bacteria in this formula helps in the continuous degradation of the organic matter by mineralization process. The anaerobic bacteria acts at the bottom level and reduces the sludge and increases the DO levels.


Rhodococcus, Rhodobacter, Nitrobacter, Nitrosomonas, Thiobacillus

Potency: 5 Billion cfu/ml


  • Enhances decomposition of dead organic wastes in the pond. Removes sludge from the pond, and reduce blacksoil problems.
  • Develop and stabilize a good algal bloom.
  • Inhibits the growth of harmful gases in the pond.
  • Restores pond water quality, makes it free from organic wastes, chemicals and undesirable microbes
  • Improves water quality & clarity and reduces pond bottom pollution.
  • Controls vibrio count, reduce stress on shrimp.
  • Helps to convert thick turbid pond water to thin, clear, and fresh environment to aquatic animals.
  • Controls white feces and white gut disease.
  • Improves aquatic animal activeness and feeding.

Dosage and Application:

Prevention: from early stage to middle stage of culture : 3-4Ltr/Acre/ week from middle stage to till harvest : 7-9 Lts/acre/week

Treatment: 12 Ltrs/Acre (As directed by the Aqua consultant)

Mode of application: Mix the required quantity of Robust-P with Zeolite or Sand and spread over the pond.