R & D

Research & Development

Nyle Biotech staff has extensive product development experience, which includes development of several different types of forms suitable for Prawns / Shrimps Culture, Poultry and Fish culture.

Nyle Biotech product development staff has extensive experience in the Aqua Culture industry and are experts in the manufacturing technology, the regulatory standards demanded by government authorities, and the know-how to ensure that the R & D needs are conducted cost-effectively and in full regulatory compliance.

Our goal in developing products is to provide clients with products based on the most current scientific knowledge, coupled with a delivery system that makes therapy convenient for the owner and animal.

One of the major causes of product failure in practice is improper dosing and a lack of client / patient compliance with recommended dosage regimens.

Our products consistently score highest in quality studies compared to other commercially available formulations, enabling us to offer a 100% performance guarantee when given to Prawn / Shrimp , Poultry and fish culture.

Nyle Biotech operates modern manufacturing plant facilities and follows Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines (GMPs) & ISO 9001:2008 . Clients, customers receive fully finished product: packed, bottled, labeled, and boxed for shipment, resale and end use.