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Vibri - NO

Vibri-No It is a unique combination of specially selected probiotics strains, which are highly effective against vibrio. It inhibits vibrio & other pathogenic bacteria by producing antibiotic like substances called bacteriocins.

Potency : NLT 20 x 109 cfu/gm

Benefits :

  • Effectively reduces the Vibrio counts in Ponds, decreases mortality.
  • Reduces adverse effect of Pathogens by producing antibiotic substances like bacteriocins
  • Reduces disease incidence and increases survival.
  • Enhances Immune response of shrimp.
  • Helps in stabilizing pH of water and creates better molting for shrimps/prawns.
  • Eliminates toxic gases in the water, maintains good colour of the pond.
  • Probiotic strains of VIBRI-NO are adapted to grow at different conditions of Ph (3.0-9.5) and salinity (0 to 50 ppt)


  • Prevention: 500 gms / Hectare per week Treatment: 1st dose on day 1 -1 Kg / Hectare
  • 2nd dose on day 3-1 Kg / Hectare
  • 3rd dose on day 5-1 Kg / Hectare

Mode of Application:

Dissolve the required quantity in 50 ltrs of water, thoroughly and spread all over the pond.