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Power Soft EDTA

Power Soft EDTA is a superior product that reduces Heavy Metals, Corrects alkalinity and hardness in the pond which stimulates free moulting & reduces stress by water softening, which supports the shrimp growth, survival & yield


  • Efectively reduces hardshell problems in culture
  • EDTA stimulates healthy moulting in prawns and shrimps and improves their moulting cycles.
  • Works effectively in bore water aqua culture systems of both freshwater (0ppt Salinity) and saline water
  • Softens the water in aquaculture ponds by normalizing the alkalinity and hardness .
  • Prevents & controls pollutions caused by unionised ammonia, iron, hydrogen Sulphide, methane and sulphurdioxide
  • Converts the toxic substances in the pond water into their non-toxic form and thereby provides a healthy environment